General terms and conditions for K3 Travel AB (Hotel Express)

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1. Description of the service

Hotel Express offers corporate customers:

– Services that simplify the customer’s travel.
– A flexible way for booking both transport and hotels.
– A number of favorable agreements with both independent hotels and chains.
– Personal service when booking hotel rooms and conferences.

2. Subscription and registration

To join the company to Hotel Express, you must be 18 years of age and have a valid social security number or organization number. The subscription is linked to a person and can only be used by him. If more people want to use our services, one of our optional services is needed, or more subscriptions will be added to the company.

The subscription can be subscribed by an individual or company. When subscribing to the subscription via a company, the company owns the service. The user of the subscription receives personal login information for our app and website. The subscription can be transferred at a cost.

3. Validity of the service

The service is entered into by agreement and then applies until further notice, with automatic renewal. (See paragraph 8 – Termination). The Hotel Express subscriptions may not be used by anyone other than the person indicated on the subscription. For more information, see point 5 – Booking and stay.

4. Prices and discounts

Hotel Express helps its customers negotiate agreements with a number of hotel chains and independent hotels. Discounts vary depending on hotel and chain. We also offer our customers the opportunity to book hotels outside our agreements at the hotel’s regular price.

Hotel Express agreement is valid every day of the week all year round under the conditions given under point 5 – Booking and stay. Our discounts apply to cancelable rooms and we follow each hotel’s cancellation policy.

5. Booking and stay

Hotel Express subscription only applies to the person who is registered on the Hotel Express certificate. Hotel Express does not book rooms for people without a subscription or if the company does not have an optional service for this.

Hotel rooms can be booked on their own by the customer or via the Hotel Express booking service, if the company has chosen to activate that service in the subscription. When checking in at the hotels we have an agreement with, the guest may need to present proof. The proof is in our app. The hotel may also require identification.

Payment of the hotel room is made according to the hotel’s credit and payment routines. In the case of so-called No Show, the hotel, or Hotel Express, has the right to debit the entire cost further together with an administrative fee of SEK 100.

Hotel Express service also includes conference booking. Hotel Express is seen as a mediator of the conference and the hotel as a provider of the conference. When booking a conference via Hotel Express, the hotel’s conditions for booking apply.

Hotel Express cannot be held responsible for transactions between the partner hotel and the company. The company is always responsible for checking whether the booking matches the order. If the company has views on the stay, this should be conveyed primarily to the hotel. If the complaints concern what is connected to the service that Hotel Express delivers, Hotel Express must be notified within two days of stay within Sweden and seven days from stay outside Sweden.

6. Payment, delivery and right of return

Payment is made after delivery of selected subscriptions and services. The payment terms from the time the service is activated are 30 days. Hotel Express has the right to charge an invoice fee for paper invoices. In the case of invoice via e-mail or payment by credit or debit card, no invoice fee will be added. Hotel Express also has the right to charge a reminder fee in the event of late payment with a default interest of 24% and other costs related to the late payment.

In the event of deviations regarding the delivery of login information to the service, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Hotel Express of these deviations within eight days.

Hotel Express does not offer a right of return for corporate customers, except that such a right is granted by Hotel Express in issued guarantees. Private customers have the right of return according to the Distance Contracts Act.

7. Termination

If a termination of our services or subscriptions is desired, this needs to take place one (1) month before the service is renewed.

Flex (unbound)
For Flex subscriptions, one (1) month’s notice period applies.

Fixed (bound 12 months)
For Fixed subscriptions, the notice period applies no earlier than the day before the date of validity of the subscription. Validity is the date stated on the certificate found in the app / website. Valid thru on the Hotel Express card. Example: If 2021-12-15 is the validity period, the subscription needs to be canceled before 2021-12-14. If the company terminates the service after this date, the customer will be invoiced for another year.

Failure to pay does not count as termination. The service must be terminated by telephone or e-mail, +46 (0) 19-16 60 60 /, or by post to; Hotel Express, Hagagatan 23, SE-703 40 Örebro.

Instead of terminating the service, the customer has the opportunity to transfer the service to another person in the company for a fee of SEK 200. Another option is to pause the paid service. In this case, the service is deactivated with the current date, the remaining period can be activated when the company wishes. Payment for the subscription or service is required in both cases.

Hotel Express (no subscription)
For Hotel Express outgoing service called ”plus membership”, previous conditions apply, the same conditions as Fixed (fixed subscription).

8. Force majeure

Hotel Express is not responsible for damage caused by government decisions, subcontractors ’errors or restrictions in supply, war, strikes, riots, riots, fires or other similar incidents that are beyond Hotel Express’ control and whose repair could only be done through an abnormally high cost.

9. Personal information

In order to meet the general terms and conditions of the subscriptions and our services, we will need to process the staff on the company’s personal data.

The company gives Hotel Express the right to use, store or otherwise process personal data such as name, social security number, address or other information that can be attributed to the staff, in order for Hotel Express to be able to provide subscriptions and services that are available in Hotel Express’ offerings.

Hotel Express reserves the right to use personal data to communicate customized information with both personal and general benefits and offers. The user of the subscription also receives customized news, inspiration, invitations to competitions and events as well as surveys. The user can always choose to say no to similar information in the future via our e-mails.

We usually communicate with the user via newsletter, SMS or mail. Sometimes also through advertising on external websites such as e.g. Facebook. If you do not want to receive targeted communication from us, you can notify

Hotel Express may disclose personal information to consultants and other partners, which we consider necessary to be able to administer and maintain the subscriptions and services offered, or if Hotel Express is required to disclose such information in accordance with law. If the situation is deemed to require it, Hotel Express will establish a personal data assistant agreement with these partners.

We primarily receive information directly from the company, but to update address information and the like, we check the information against public registers. Information such as name, e-mail address, telephone, address, and personal / organization number is stored in accordance with rules and routines regarding GPDR.

The person responsible for personal data is K3 Travel AB, which is a Swedish company registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office with organization number 556795-0117 and is headquartered in Örebro. If you want more information about what personal data we process and your rights, see our privacy policy. You can also contact us at or call +46 (0) 19-16 60 60 if you have questions regarding the handling of your personal data.

10. Change of conditions

Hotel Express reserves the right to change our general terms and conditions at any time. Updated terms come into force in connection with them being published on where the latest terms are always available or that you receive them via e-mail. If the changes are of material importance, you will be informed in good time before the changes take effect and we will also explain the meaning of the changes.

11. Other

Hotel Express has the right to continuously change our offer and agreement without the company’s consent. Examples of such changes are the addition and removal of individual hotels, hotel chains and benefits. We also own the right to make a price adjustment on our subscriptions and services.

Our general terms and conditions apply until further notice and were revised no later than 2021-01-01.

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